Eric Metelka is a full stack marketer. He has a background in consulting, strategy, marketing, and product. He was the marketing manager at startups G2 Crowd andBestVendor. Eric earned his MBA from Columbia Business School in 2013 and his BA from Northwestern University in 2007. He is Google AdWords certified and a teacher at the Digital Professional Institute, 1871, and General Assembly. He values transparency, optimism, and integrity.


  • Passionate entrepreneur determined to become a leading influencer globally in digital marketing strategy and process
  • Over six years combined experience in Technology, Digital Marketing, and Product
  • Teacher of digital marketing to local entrepreneurs
  • Columbia Business School and Northwestern University graduate
  • Strategy consultant to major global companies in Finance, CPG, and Retail


  • Social media tools
  • Social media technology
  • Strong skills in technology
  • Extensive management skills
  • Teaching and mentoring skills through working with startups