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How and Why to Learn SQL to Be a Better Marketer
Why Learn SQL You've probably had run into a situation where you wanted to know the answer to a question like this: "I wonder the average number of actions a user takes on my website?" Or this: "I'm curious who the top 10% of my users are who do some action?" Or this: "How can I see the emails of all users who signed up after May?" These are all incredibly reasonable questions to ask for actionable data that can improve your marketing efforts. But what recourse do you have to answer them? Maybe you ask your development team to find answers for you - on top of their already hectic schedule. Maybe you use your admin tools in a hack-y way to arrive at an answer. Maybe you can't answer them at all. This is why you need SQL. Using SQL allows you to answer and execute on these questions. But the best reason to learn SQL is that it's easy to learn and it will empower you to your job better. I recently taught myself SQL from scratch over just a weekend and now use it all the time. Here's how you can too. How to Learn SQL There are a number of good resources around the web to learn SQL. I personally found this Udemy course by Bucky Roberts to be easy, clear, and comprehensive. For whatever reason, the Udemy videos end early. You can watch the rest of Bucky's series at thenewboston. UPDATE: Just learned of a new Udemy course by Justin Mares that is incredibly comperehensive and aimed at marketers. Check out SQL for Marketers To get a SQL server quickly onto your computer to use as you go through the course, download MAMP Here are some other recommended resources if you want to learn SQL: * Schemaverse * GalaXQL - Interactive SQL tutorial * SQL Problems and Solutions - INteractive textbook * Learn SQL The Hard Way (ALPHA) * SQLZOO If you take an hour every night during a week or just spend some time on the weekend, you'll be up and running with SQL in no time. Bonus - SQL Syntax I took notes on syntax while taking Bucky Robert's course. Hopefully you find this a good crib-sheet. I refer to it all the time. If you're stuck, you can always try Googling the answer as well. Download this file
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